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What Does Evidence Based Treatment Mean?

You may have noticed some treatment centers describing their programs as ‘evidence-based treatment’. Your next thought may have been ‘what does evidence-based treatment mean exactly? Evidence-based treatment is not limited only to the drug and alcohol rehabilitation sphere, but we will focus there. To understand how drug and alcohol treatment became what it is today, […]

heroin needle, spoon, and pill bottles on a table

Can Heroin Withdrawal be Fatal?

Any person who has been addicted to opioids for a while is well-acquainted with the fear of withdrawal symptoms. Nearly everyone knows that heroin use is inherently dangerous. The specter of overdose and withdrawal are constant companions. Many are aware that withdrawal from alcohol or benzodiazepines can result in deadly seizures. What is not as […]

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How Long is Drug Rehab?

On This Page: What will happen during inpatient treatment?Some of these may include:Road to RecoveryMost quality drug rehabs will help you develop an aftercare plan that may include: The decision to go to rehab is not always easy but recovery is its own reward. If you find yourself reading these words, chances are you are […]

man outside searching on his phone for how heroin addiction is treated

How is Heroin Addiction Treated?

On This Page: The Heroin EpidemicThe Front Line AssaultSupporting Early RecoveryHolistic Recovery for Heroin Addiction The Heroin Epidemic It’s no secret that heroin addiction has reached epidemic proportions in the United States over the last couple of decades. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found heroin overdose deaths increased by almost 50% since 2010. (1) […]

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What Alcoholism Does to Relationships

On This Page: The Effect of Alcoholism on Romantic RelationshipsAlcoholism and The Family DynamicThe Importance of Healthy Relationships in Recovery Let’s get straight to the point here– alcohol use disorder is a disease that eventually has a negative impact on every life it happens to touch. In other words, it’s virtually impossible for an active […]

distressed man sitting on the floor suffering from opioid withdrawal

What Is Opioid Withdrawal Like – What to Expect

On This Page: Opioid Drugs: Use, Abuse, and Why It’s So Hard To StopOpioid Withdrawal: What To Expect To Start When You Finally StopWhy Do it Alone? Ask anyone who’s ever gone through it and they’ll tell you– opioid withdrawal is an agony like no other. In fact, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch […]

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Can Severe Alcoholism Cause Dementia?

On This Page: Alcohol and DementiaAlcohol and the BrainThe Causes of ARBDAlcohol and Dementia: The Bottom Line Alcohol and Dementia Can severe alcoholism cause dementia?  Oddly enough, the answer if both yes and no. Strictly speaking, years of excessive drinking causes a brain condition known as ‘Alcohol-Related Brain Damage,’ or ARBD. ARBD includes brain disorders […]

black and white photo of man grabbing his neck in pain

Managing Chronic Pain Without Opioids

The CDC estimates that more than 20% of U.S. adults experience chronic pain. Perhaps more significant is the fact that 8% of have high-impact chronic pain. (1) High-impact chronic pain is characterized as pain which lasts at least 3 months and comes with at least one major activity restriction. In other words, pain that someone […]

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Top 5 Tools for Addiction Recovery

On This Page: A 12-Step ProgramAn Alternative Recovery ProgramHealth and ExerciseActivities and AspirationsLiterature and Learning Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction requires commitment and dedication. Fortunately, recovery is a well-traveled path. Millions of people have overcome addiction and built successful lives free of drugs and alcohol. Learning how to rely on the essential tools of […]

pregnant woman holding her belly

Addiction Treatment for Pregnant Mothers

On This Page: Meeting the Unique Challenges of Rehab for Pregnant MothersChoosing the Right Treatment CenterThere is Hope A saying we hear often in the treatment industry is ‘addiction is no respecter of persons.’  This phrase is used to emphasize that alcohol and drug addiction affects people from all ethnic groups, social classes, etc. It […]

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