There are many methods to help a person during addiction recovery or in treatment for mental health illnesses. We believe a combination of approaches is the best way to establish a firm foundation to long-lasting recovery. For this reason, we offer both clinical practices and holistic methods for those in recovery

One of our holistic methods is yoga. This form of treatment focuses on building a balance between physical, mental and spiritual health. Having a proper balance within yourself can help you succeed in recovery. Give us a call here at Recovery by the Sea in Stuart, FL and we can start you in a recovery program that includes yoga right away.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Would you like to incorporate yoga into your recovery program?There are many benefits of practicing yoga. Some of them include the following:

  • Improved physical strength – It is easy on the body, thus making it great for men and women who are new to recovery and lack physical strength
  • Boosts healthy habits – Many studies have shown that practicing yoga on a daily basis can help a person stick to healthy habits including eating better, exercising more, and finding spirituality
  • Helps with pain management – Yoga focuses on stimulating, strengthening, and stretching joints and muscles which helps a person relieve pain in their body

There are many benefits of practicing yoga. Some people get benefits after their first session. If you are starting on the road to recovery, yoga might be beneficial for you.

Using Yoga in Recovery

Now that you know about some benefits of practicing yoga, it is also important to understand the reasons we recommend yoga to our clients. Some of the reasons to use yoga in recovery include the following:

  • Reduce insomnia – It is common to struggle with insomnia when you are going through recovery. Yoga can help you sleep better. It calms the mind and helps a person focus on their breathing which can help them sleep through the night. Studies show that people who sleep better during the night are more apt to be more aware and feel better about their recovery, as well.
  • Helps with self-reflection – Experts say it is important to do some self-reflection while in recovery. It can help you through the stages of addiction recovery. You might find that some self-reflection makes you feel happy and some of it will bring you down a bit. However, our team of yoga experts will be honored to help you process both your positive and negative emotions.
  • Enhances self-confidence – Enhancing your self-confidence is important as you venture through the recovery process. It is common for a person to feel bad about the actions they took while in an addictive lifestyle. However, yoga is a great way to learn how to love yourself again.

These are just some of the many reasons why we offer yoga to our clients who are in recovery from an addiction or in treatment from a mental health illness.

Yoga in Recovery

Are you looking for a holistic method designed to help you with your recovery from addiction or a mental health disorder? If so, contact us here at Recovery by the Sea. We add yoga into treatment programs for many of our clients.

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