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Recovery by the Sea employs a superb team of professionals from across the healthcare sector. Our committed staff consists of doctors, therapists, nurses, psychiatrists and behavioral health professionals working together to help shape a better future for our patients. Our entire staff, from the behavioral health technicians to clinical staff to upper management is carefully and meticulously selected and rigorously trained to truly provide an environment of care, compassion and well-being for our patients.

David Farache


David has a background in Business Administration with emphasis in behavioral health care. His personal experience with addiction coupled with his leadership, moral compass, operational know-how and compassion brings a unique style of management and delivers results to the facilities he operates. David co-founded our first facility Recovery In Tune in 2015 with Cecilia Plavnick, capitalizing on their dream to provide high-quality care to those suffering from the disease of addiction to communities across the country that desperately need these services. In his constant pursuit of providing nothing less than excellence in patient care, his leadership delivers hard work, dedication and constant involvement from all of the staff members at the facilities he operates.

Cecilia Plavnick, LMHC

CCO / Interim Clinical Director

Two words describe Cecilia: dedicated and passionate, especially when it comes to her work in the field of addiction treatment. Cecilia has extensive experience and knowledge, which she brings to her role as Chief Clinical Officer at RBS. She has dedicated more than ten years to establishing successful substance abuse programs and managing top-notch clinical teams and is regarded as a natural leader and role model by her staff, peers and patients. In her role as CCO, Cecilia works hand-in-hand with the different clinical directors and their clinical teams at each of our facilities to ensure that clinical services and operations are running according to the company’s mission and vision. What sets Cecilia apart from the rest is both her ability to create an environment that is optimal for successful clinical interventions as well as her ability to inspire trust, dedication and continual growth among her teams. Cecilia’s approach is unique because she isn’t afraid to jump in directly at all levels of care–from the admission process the discharge procedure–because she is a firm believer that good clinical care is an ongoing process that requires daily tweaking and maintenance. Cecilia is dedicated to her profession and to the individuals with whom she works and serves. She is always open to feedback and suggestions from staff as well as patients in order to continue growing, expanding and improving services. Cecilia believes that a patient-centered approach in which an individual’s needs are constantly being met is essential to his or her success.

Dr. Guido Nodal Jr, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Nodal is a Florida board-certified licensed psychiatrist who joined the Recovery by the Sea team early 2018 as Medical Director. Dr. Nodal brings his deep knowledge and experience in the fields of Addiction Medicine and Psychiatry to provide all of Recovery by the Sea's clients with direct and superb medical consultations including psychiatric assessments, follow-up sessions and medication management.

Dr. Craig Jochum, DC, BSN, MSN

Director of Operations

Originally from Stuart FL, Craig moved back to the area after completing his Doctor of Chiropractic in Houston, Tx. After running a private practice for 6 years he furthered his education and completed his schooling for his Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.
Craig has been working in the addiction field for 7 years and truly has a passion to help people achieve recovery and regain the life they desire to have. His favorite thing is to see families
re-united and start a new life together. Currently he is working on credentialing to be a Certified Recovery Residence Administrator.
Craig encourages the staff to have professional and encouraging attitudes that allow clients to feel welcome and cared for. He oversees all departments to make sure client care is the primary objective and focuses on direct client contact to identify and address their individual needs.

Matthew Beckwith

Regional Director of Outreach

Matt started his career out in the hospitality and guest services field in 2006 before moving to Florida in 2008 for the past five years he has work in the substance abuse field as a certified interventionist an Admissions director for some of the most prestigious treatment organizations in Florida some with locations nationwide. Matt joined the Recovery by the Sea team early 2017 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that we look for in all our staff members as we set the bar high he helps us raise it and continues to help set us apart from other treatment centers. He takes joy in helping not only the guest at our facilities but their entire family making sure everyone gets the help and guidance they need in what may be the most difficult times of their lives.

Marc Schettino

Director of Utilization Review

Since 2011 Marc has immersed himself in the Mental Health/Substance Abuse field, working in operations and admissions becoming an expert in every facet. Studying Electronic Media and Design at the University of Tampa, Marc felt unfulfilled with this career path.Always having a desire to help others, Marc found his true calling in assisting those who struggle with mental health and substance abuse. Marc’s passion for being of service to others and assisting families of those struggling with addiction, has made him an invaluable asset to Recovery By The Sea and to the Behavioral Healthcare and Addiction Professionals community as a whole.

Heather Morehouse, M.S., RHMCI

Primary Therapist

Heather Morehouse has been busy working with families since her graduation from Stony Brook University in NY with a Bachelors degree in Cultural Anthropology and Family Studies. She worked with community-based agencies and the health insurance companies as an advocate/supervisor for NYS Child Health Plus Program assisting children/families from multiple cultural backgrounds to gain health insurance for 10 years. After moving to Florida, Heather pursued her interest in Counseling. She received her Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College as she earned her Certification in the field of Equine Assisted Psycho-Therapy/ Equine Assisted Learning. She became certified by Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), the Model in Equine Assisted Psycho-Therapy. Heather completed her internships in MHC and her EAGALA training while working in the addiction treatment field. Heather has experience with individual, family programs and group therapy and is currently attending training in Faith Based Recovery. She continues to incorporate her passion for Solution Focused Interventions and her strong background in cultural anthropology and substance abuse counseling to assist clients in their recovery process. Heather brings compassion and the ability to see beyond the behaviors of addiction to assist in the healing of the true spirt within each of her clients.

Carlyn Hagler, M.S.

Primary Therapist

Carlyn comes to RBS with over 25 years of experience providing mental health services to the community. She started her career in victim services providing support and counseling to crime victims through the criminal justice system. She served victims of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault as well as homicide survivors. Furthering her education and knowledge she obtained certification in crisis counseling by the Florida Crisis Response Team ultimately leading her to provide crisis counseling services at the 9-11 disaster. This experience led her to working in disaster recovery offering counseling and support to those whose lives were affected by natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes. She networked with disaster recovery coalitions all over the state providing guidance and training. She eventually transitioned into a position with less traveling and began work as the Director of Programs at a treatment center serving the mentally ill forensic population. She obtained multiple certifications including Creative Grief Certification and developed the first grief support group and creative expression groups at the treatment center. Incorporating art and creativity into healing from grief, trauma and other life obstacles unfolded and developed. Carlyn provides expressive art and grief support services to multiple organizations and individuals and passionately brings these services to the clients of RBS. She obtained a Master of Science in Human Resource Development with a Bachelor of Behavioral Sciences.

Leigh Hollander, CAC

Certified Addiction Counselor / Group Facilitator

Leigh is uniquely positioned to help clients recover from the grip of substance abuse because he is a recovering addict himself. He has been in the substance abuse industry for 8 years. Leigh provides clients with a holistic, spiritual approach to a real, life-affirming recovery through the rediscovery of hope, love and inner peace.

Craig Devine

BHT Supervisor

Craig has been with Recovery by the Sea since 2017. He is in recovery and has over 4 years sober. Craig has lived through the disease of addiction and has come out of the other side a changed and grateful person, He brings his compassion and wide field experience to ensure clients are well-looked after and ensures that his BHT staff has adequate and proper training.

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