Recovery By The Sea’s Outpatient Detox (OP Detox) program provides a comfortable and safe transition from addiction to sobriety in a caring and supervised outpatient environment.

Our Outpatient Detox program provides our patients with proper medications to reduce cravings and minimize withdrawal symptoms from opiates and other substances while also providing the necessary medical, clinical and peer support 24/7 to ensure a successful detoxification process.

Who is OP Detox for?

Our Outpatient Detox program is for those that:

  • Are currently using opiates, opioids, and/or prescription medications in a mild-to-moderate fashion.
  • Want to get clean while reducing withdrawal symptoms with the assistance of medications.
  • Are willing to take participate in and follow a strict and ethical medical and clinical detox program.

What our OP Detox program is made of

Our Outpatient Detox program normally starts with a medical and psychiatric evaluation to determine the need for medications. If there is a need the proper dosage is prescribed by a our licensed psychiatrist. Medications are dispensed and administered by qualified staff members and our medical/nursing staff closely watches reactions to the medications for quick possible dosage adjustments or discontinuation. Medication levels are closely monitored on a continuous basis by means of urinalysis testing and dosage is decreased as the patient progresses through the detoxification process. As medication dosages decreased throughout the stay, the body’s dependence on the substance slowly reduces itself to make coming off of the substance more comfortable.

Taking up an optional residence at one of our internally-operated House of Harmony’s sober living facilities during OP Detox creates an ideal combination of clinical, medical and peer support and 24/7 supervision during the detox stage.

During the detox stay, a holistic daily schedule is followed. Patients will be transported from the House of Harmony sober living locations to our clinical office on a daily basis and will receive clinical, medical and other support services such as:

  • Routine vital checks
  • Individual sessions with qualified clinicians
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Case Management services
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Aftercare preparations
  • Leisure & Rest time

Once the OP Detox program is completed, patients are recommended to step down to our Partial Hospitalization level of care.

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