Benefits of a Sober Living Environment

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Choices And Changes

As humans, we make choices. Our brains change with our choices. Personal experiences also alter how our brains work. Life teaches our brains how to function. Our senses, what we eat, how we sleep, what we learn from our parents. All of these important variables affect the brain’s processes. What comes from inside us shapes what’s outside us. The reverse is also true. Our external environments impact what’s going on in our heads.

The Brain’s Role

Our brains want to make life easy for us. As easy as they can. Our brains adapt to our behavior. The brain influences our motivation to chase down goals. It makes no difference what those goals are. The brain’s role is the same. If you’re an addict, reflect on your external environment. What choices did you make to nurture your addiction? How did your environment contribute to your addiction? Your interpersonal relationships might have enabled your addiction. You might have structured your eating and sleeping habits around your addiction. That’s one of your brain’s biggest jobs – making what you want happen as efficiently as possible.

Sobriety And Stability

Once you’re sober, you won’t want to go back to that same environment. You’ve made incredible progress. But your recovery journey is just getting started. Your home life must support your sobriety. You’ll need a stable, balanced routine. You’ll need a community that fosters your recovery. You may have a committed, constructive family at home. But if you don’t, you ought to consider a sober living house.


Humans have an innate need to belong. We tend to ascribe the behaviors of the people we surround ourselves with. If our immediate friend-group includes addicts, we will likely become addicts. But if our group esteems sobriety and recovery, then that enables us to succeed. Other people, for better or worse, influence us. In sober living, we partner with others who understand our struggle. We learn from them, and they learn from us.

Living On Purpose

All groups have a common mission. Even the most dysfunctional groups. Known or not. Acknowledged or not. Even if that reason is something simple. Like having fun. If the group doesn’t define a mission, then a mission will still manifest. That’s the nature of groups. So if you’re newly sober, you will want a group that consciously practices sobriety. You want a group that places sobriety as a thing of ultimate value. When a group values something, by default it must not value other things. That means that the structure of the group will revolve around what it values. If your group values sobriety and recovery, then it will focus its activities and mission around those values. And subsequently so will you.

Tested, Tried and True

A sober living house provides you with a proving ground. It’s a stable, controlled environment. There, you can begin implementing life changes that benefit your recovery. You can test out what works for you, and put aside what doesn’t. Your home life might be very difficult to mold to your new lifestyle. But sober living environments are intentionally set up to promote recovery. After some time, you’ll have new habits and skillsets. Once those become better ingrained, you’ll be able to take them with you into your home life.

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