Relapse Prevention Plan

We understand that a major focus of any good rehab treatment facility should have a relapse prevention plan.  This concept forms one of the most crucial components to our program.  At Recovery by the Sea we strive to keep our clients healthy and happy for life.

Relapse Prevention

Preventing future relapse episodes is one of our primary goals at Recovery by the Sea.  This is an area where most treatment facilities fall short.  We believe that by offering ongoing assistance and communication with the client their chances of maintaining sobriety are increased dramatically.  

We use a cognitive behavioral model that assesses the client’s propensity for future relapse.  After identifying who is more susceptible to relapse we look to use risk management techniques using a blend of science based applications and talk therapy sessions.  We integrate the following methodologies that serve as the pillar for our relapse prevention.  

  • Enhancing self-efficacy
  • Coping strategies
  • Substitution techniques
  • Support System
Relapse Prevention Plan

The Tools To Succeed

Identify Triggers

By understanding the catalysts behind certain addictions we can begin to replace and remove them systematically.  Through gradual behavioral modification the client learns to seek more healthy alternatives to balance their emotions.

Support Network

We understand the importance of strong social ties with our clients.  We work hard to maintain a supportive atmosphere that encourages the client to stay the course of sobriety even after completing treatment.  We periodically check in with the client to make sure they are still committed to their recovery.  

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